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Gorgeous Merle puppy's Pomeranian, puppies 1 male

Merle puppy's Pomeranian, Born Sept 21 2020.
Go What is Color Dilution Alopecia?
Color dilution alopecia (CDA) is an inherited skin condition, and is more common in dogs that have been bred for a diluted coat color. For adult dogs with the inherited gene, it is also considered a form of follicular dysplasia. It is more commonly found in dogs with a fawn or blue coat. These two coat colors have been diluted from reds, browns, blacks, and tans.

Alopecia is a disorder that causes complete and permanent hair loss, resulting in a patchy appearance. It affects the hair follicle at the level below your dog & rsquo;s skin, causing it to self-destruct, making new hair growth impossible. Hypotrichosis can be confused with alopecia, as it is much more common, although this condition results in less than normal hair, and not total loss of hair coat.

Color dilution alopecia (CDA) is an inherited genetic condition that causes patchy hair loss and skin problems, including scaliness, and itchy skin. It can also present recurring bacterial infections. Other than the cosmetic appearance of your dog, his health is not at risk

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