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Energy Bracelet - $12

Energy Bracelet

Hey, My Friend!

Your Reiki Energy Wrist Bracelet Trinket is made with normal gemstones sensitive to the body's 7 significant vitality focuses.

For a huge number of years, lightworkers and vitality healers have utilized explicit stones to quiet and center the psyche, decrease pressure, and encourage wellbeing and essentialness.

An arm ornament structure, these stones get together with the old image of the Tree of Life, an idea shared by about each culture since the beginning, from the old Egyptians and Mesopotamians to cutting edge Buddhists and Kabbalists. The tree speaks to the establishment of life, great wellbeing, and prosperity.

The last component resting between the two crown chakra stones is the old Sanskrit "om" image speaking to the comprehensive vast vibration of the Universe.

Rich with influence and imagery, your Reiki Vitality arm jewelry is the ideal apparatus for quieting the brain and fortifying the body's own recuperating and defensive energies.

To make your journey towards higher energy levels and better health we will include these incredible bonuses when you order now!!

PLEASE hurry this will not last long at all!!!!

Your Freind,

Barbara W.

Listed by barwest
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Listed on East Orange, New Jersey
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